Kiwis In Australia: Moving From New Zealand To The Land Down Under

Both Australia and New Zealand are closely linked together in their history. Both were British colonies, neighbors in the South Pacific region, and they both have distinct indigenous cultures present in their territories. So for New Zealand citizens looking for another country to live in, Australia is usually the first thing that pops into our minds. That was, after all, what happened to me.

Do you want to be a Kiwi in Australia? Here are some things you may want to know:

Residency vs. Citizenship

Some people would argue that residency and citizenship are the same things, but they are not. Permanent residents are those people granted permission to live in a certain country for an indefinite amount of time. Residents, however, do not have certain rights and privileges like voting and receiving the country’s passport. Citizens, on the other hand, are either born or naturalized and enjoy a whole lot of benefits in the country of which they are a citizen.

Expat Kiwis and other New Zealanders in Australia actually can live in Sydney and other Australian areas just by being New Zealand citizens. Having a New Zealand passport electronically assigns you a Special Category Visa (SCV), which entitles you the right to live in Australia for as long as you want. This, however, does not apply to NZ permanent residents.

Passports, Visas, and Other Documentary Requirements

For one, Kiwis need a valid passport for them to be able to fly to Australia. That is already a given. It is a protocol that passports are not to expire six months or below by the travel date. Current New Zealand citizens aged 16 and older can have their passports renewed online.

As for the visa, there are several kinds of visas applicable for those planning to live and work in Australia. The SCV was already mentioned above. But if you want to enjoy unemployment and sickness benefits in the future or you want to sponsor family members so they can move to Australia as well, they may have to apply for a permanent residency visa as I did.

For those that have had criminal convictions in the past, they need to obtain special permission from the Australian High Commission to enter the Land Down Under.

Finances And Other Payments

The first thing that you have to remember when it comes to moving somewhere else is that you will not be able to leave the country if you have unpaid fines.

Getting a mortgage in Australia is almost the same as how it is in New Zealand. Financial institutions in Australia have the power to check your financial standing with banks and credit establishments before they approve or deny an application so you may want to ensure that you have a decent financial record before you decide to leave NZ.

If you are planning to become one of the many New Zealanders in Australia, I hope that the article above will be able to help you in your quest to live and work in our big neighbor.




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What it’s really like to be a New Zealander in Australia

You know I’m in that kind of trap of I  wanting to do suck all the time but I  just have no motivation and just so lazy  and I thought kind of the only way  around that was to kind of force myself  into something and something that I  couldn’t just get myself out of the  change and that’s when I decided to make  the move and it was yes slowly by myself  and just booked a one-way ticket and and  came over  so this is where I live it’s sorry house  which is central Sydney literally like  two minutes down Mia is the cbd pretty  nice suburb it’s terrace line and all  the street so it’s quite a nice  scenery and right now we are on Batman  lane which is a pretty cool street.


This  is my house here this blue beauty sound  will sometimes a little hallway kind of  looks like you’re going to like a weird  dungeon or something and then this is  our tiny tiny little lounge this is our  tiny little kitchen I’m tiny little  bathroom as you can see it’s a tiny tiny  place the sound guy here is struggling  to get through the door the price you  pay to live in a Sydney thus this area  has definitely been one of my favorite  areas to live in it’s definitely a lot  more kind of rough around the edges but  there’s a lot more going on here than  will end in out west this is our house  and live in Dulwich Hill how far are  with me about 45 minutes what isn’t  about is something that’s exciting not  having a job not knowing any people just  knowing that you had a home to go to and  it was it basically we only had like  maybe that was not I wasn’t mad was not  much in that hand to last us eight weeks  over here so that we could get a job did  it did though I had asked mum so many  times I should just feed me through some  money every week and like a job.


So when I first got ya Ben and kiwi it  was obviously just something that was so  gigantic when I went back home the first  time I was walking I’m just around  around Ponsonby and I remember saying  some where is everyone and they kind of  responded this is how always looked and  I kind of thought okay was probably just  because being over there you get used to  just people constantly being everywhere  so that was very daunting and on top of  that not knowing anyone made it quite  challenging and it was very isolating  and I thank six months into it I  actually made a decision that I would  move back home just because it wasn’t  really working and then everyone kind of  told me you’ve got to stick things out  for a year if you move anywhere stick  out for a year and then you know I did  and yeah just what up all of a sudden  without trying I had new friends I had a  job I was doing everything that i was  doing back home just then a new life and  a new surgery  okay Bobo Mike chronically underprepared  had a great place for about a week and  then a psycho Flemmi just kicked the  rest of us out so we were basically  homeless and then I heard from the  University to scholarship I thought I  had I didn’t have and so I kind of had  no source of income.


So there was a good  solid month and a half and it’s kind of  had accounting for jobs and houses and  just everything just because it was no  safety net or anything it was really  really scary like far scarier that I  would have been back oh you know they’re  back home if you hurt yourself or if  you’re off sick whatever the ACC’s kind  of got you back a little bit where is  here that isn’t the case you get sick he  lose your job you don’t have a family  here to support you and you don’t have  social welfare to rely on so you can i  buggin ya I consistently run through  like scenarios in my head about what if  this would have happened what would I do  over this mold it actually take for me  to consider moving back home again and  all these things and that is stuff I  definitely would not have thought of if  we didn’t have to say sort of safety.


I I traveled a bit before I came to  Australia so I could have prepared  myself between five and kind of culture  shock but I got yeah but it’s just so  similar so very very similar if you want  a huge change culturally Australia is  not something that’s really going to  offer you that it’s the little things  that I find remind me that moment sidney  rather than i’m like how they don’t let  you put a coffee on your FB post cards  they always met in them when the Prime  Minister declares war on a country and  she isn’t a different and things that  I’d spend so much time and today going  on transport like to go and visit a  friend who could require you to catch a  bus to a train station to then jump on a  bus when you walk to them back in New  Zealand if you were doing that you you’d  be living somewhere way out you know  with know if we no one really kind of  wants to live and therefore the foods  not fair enough and they’re advertising  sux it’s not funny at all.


I find  Australians really valued New Zealand as  a country they always kind of quite  happy to hear that there’s a new zealand  of living in australia sort of thing  which is strangers i never thought that  it would be like that when we moved over  here i thought that it would be like are  you typical Kiwis my first job was  actually at a wine shop and we had it  was this guy who was very very  Australian like stereotypically so had a  southern cross tattoo on his forearm and  his nickname ended in an AZ and he loved  footy and stuff and I thought well if  anyone was going to take a shooting  keeping it might be this guy but no he  was actually really lovely and really  welcoming and stuff and just love  talking about the difference between  rugby and AFL is interesting because  when you come across in Australian  living at New Zealand we kind of take  personal where is I fine um Australians  have been a lot more exceed then of us  and so you know though we’re both white  and young and male make it if you are  Indian or someone have like Asian  descent from you Zealand you came over  here you have a much harder time putting  in.


Yeah I they’re slightly more racist  it’s quite common for people to rip  refer to different ethnic groups of  things that we would consider racial  slang like Lebanese people are lebos and  that seems to have a negative  connotation to it but even little advice  call themselves led to the levers so I  know and like I think we that comes from  though is that Australia has such a vast  range of different cultures and we find  especially in Sydney.


There’s you know  different pockets of different cultures  in different parts of the city which  we’re just not suppose to anyone it’s  more like a fruit salad of it and there  cities here rather then out just what is  tin of peaches like a used to the life  so that you have hair like I you know I  get like a goodbye John had a great  shopping big it’s exciting there’s  something always happens always  something new to do pretty much why any  young person Moses’s to get out of what  you know and kind take on something new  and I think just with New Zealand it’s  such a great place to grow up but it is  very small I think for now and why am i  early 20s it’s definitely home but also  it’s not all like milk and honey I mean  the grass is always greener  after we it’s patched and dr brown so  let me like what to think its last kind  of late  you